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What We do
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Princedale specialise in technical design and construction for high-performance construction projects. Our team have completed over 400 Passivhaus projects including offices, schools and houses, and we’re responsible for the first two certified Passivhaus retrofits in the UK. Our collaborative approach allows us to positively contribute to all the outcomes on a project including cost, performance, aesthetic and timed delivery.

About Passivhaus
Passivhaus is a rigorous German standard for low energy homes. By insulating a building and making it almost completely airtight, it virtually eliminates heat loss and creates a building with very low impact on the environment. The majority of heating required comes from ‘passive’ sources such as sunlight, emitted heat from electrical appliances, heat from the ground, heat loss from the hot water tank, and even bodyheat, meaning almost no extra heating energy input is required.
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