Case studies

Princedale Road – Award winning Victorian terrace Passivhaus retrofit

Princedale Road

100 Princedale Road is the first building of it’s kind in the UK. In partnership with Octavia Housing, we worked with the project team (including Paul Davis + Partners Architects, Eight Associates energy consultants and Green Tomato Energy) to create the UK’s first officially certified Passivhaus retrofit and not only did we achieve that, we actually surpassed the low energy standards required. A period property presents a whole host of technical challenges to overcome from the structure of the building, working to building regs, and complying with conservation area limitations and we developed a whole range of innovative solutions as the project developed, The finished house uses 94% less energy and produces 83% less CO2 emissions than a comparable building of the same period.
Peter Warm, the Passivhaus certifier who approved the project commented “This surely will be one of the buildings that shape how we learn to deal with our existing housing stock.“

Lena Gardens – Award winning Victorian terrace Passivhaus retrofit

Lena Gardens

Our second certified Passivhaus retrofit was again in a conservation area and presented a huge amount of challenges to achieve Passivhaus standard. Our engineer-architect approach means that we are able to solve these challenges as they present themselves – at the planning stage, and as we progress through a project and unforeseen issue arise. We see each project as a learning opportunity to improve current systems and develop new ones so we are always at the forefront of energy efficient building solutions.
Lena Gardens has also recently won the Refurbishment Project Award at the 2013 Building Performance Awards. The judges said:
“This Victorian Mid-terraced refurbishment to passivhaus standard was the standout entry in this category. The project shows what can be achieved in the refurbishment of homes, which will be increasingly important as we look to upgrade our housing stock”

High Wycombe – Timberframe very low energy services installation

We are currently working on a project to create a Passivhaus from an existing timberframe shell. Fitting all the necessary insulation, ventilation systems, windows and other low energy technologies on-site is a much bigger undertaking than installing at the frame manufacture stage, and presents its own unique challenges.   This project is due for completion in April 2013.

Suffolk – Georgian farmhouse low energy retrofit


An ambitious project to renovate a 350m2 Georgian farmhouse. At present the energy bills are in the region of £7,000 a year but by completion this should be down to c.£800. With a typical retrofit, one of the main considerations is preserving internal space, but that isn’t an issue here. Our primary challenge here is to preserve as many of the original features as possible so for example insulation must be sensitive to architectural features and triple glazed windows must look period. Also with a property of this size, managing the airflow is more complexs so we are installing two separate MVHR systems . Due for completion Summer 2013.

Richmond – Very low energy extension


This timberframe extention went up in just over a week and has been brick clad to fit in with the rest of the building.  The construction is all timber, no steel, and with insulation and triple glazed windows the energy consumption is much lower spec than building regs require.

Eastbourne terrace – 1930’s refurbishment

Eastbourne terrace

This 1920’s property required refurbishment and as part of the refit we installed a number of low energy solutions including creating a bespoke period style triple glazed front door.