Working with Developers


Our naked house concept provides a new solution to constructing highlyenergy-efficient buildings at extremely competitive costs.
Our construction approach minimises site time to give a highly economical building solution. A ‘Naked’ house can be erected, and weathertight in 5 days, given the foundation.
As site skills change and become more specialised, and budgets are under pressure, delivering high quality cost-effective housing is an increasing challenge. Timberframe construction is an excellent solution for new housing development as it meets many of these challenges head on. Timberframe houses offer an extremely competitive per m² construction cost and because a Princedale Passivhaus comes with a large percentage of services built in, on-site construction time is greatly reduced, cutting overheads and allowing for more rapid development.
Furthermore, as customers demand higher standards and better energy efficiencies in new builds, by building to Passiv standard your product is extremely attractive to potential buyers.Get in touch to find out more about working with us.