High Performance Facade Construction


We design and install highly engineered facade systems which provide cladding, airtightness and insulation to concrete and steel framed buildings. This system was created specifically for large scale buildings and can deliver any performance level up to and including Passivhaus. It has been used on a range of projects, most recently the Elia Head Office building in Brussels with a facade of 6,600m2 and currently the largest Passivhaus building in Europe. It is flexible to specification and can also be used for lower levels of performance. Once the building frame has been erected the panels are installed.

  • Designed to be used with a steel and/or concrete frame
  • High performance – up to and including Passivhaus
  • Highly prebricated – high quality control, easier site logistics and fewer contractors to manage
  • Highly sustainable – in materials and manufacture (we use a zero carbon facility)
  • Fast installation – quick turnaround, reduced site costs, faster delivery, quicker occupancy
  • Low frame load, reducing the engineering requirements
  • Cost effective – lower capex than concrete sandwich panels or glazed curtain walling
  • Greater accountability – we take responsibilty for the building envelope
  • Added value – our technical expertise, particularly at the design stage, can maximise overall objectives of cost, performance, aesthetics and timings

Download the full system factsheet here


Private Passivhaus apartments


Elia Head Office – 7 storeys high










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Passiv Social housing


Mixed use development