“Naked” house design and build


Prefabrication is not just a viable solution for volume housebuilding, it is a smart one. It delivers quality housing quickly and efficiently, and overcomes the issue of  the on-site skills gap. We provide a ‘naked’ house shell, ready for dressing with windows, insulation and cladding/battens preinstalled. A single weathertight house shell can be erected from the foundations in as little as 4 days, enabling the fit out team to move in swiftly.

The great advantage of building this way is that it greatly improves cost efficiency by reducing on-site build time as well as minimising site logisitics and the necessity of managing multiple contractors.  Less hassle, less time and lower costs.

We can pre-install to a range of finishes up to first fix.

Working with the architect at design stage we can optimise the scheme to deliver maximum value:

  • Air and weathertight building
  • Any performance standard – Code 4, 5 and 6 up to and including Passivhaus
  • Fully insulated
  • Triple glazed windows installed
  • Ready for your chosen contractor to go in and fit-out the property


Why build to Passivhaus standard?
  • Extremely low energy bills.
  • “Perfect comfort” living environment delivered by
    • Constant, regulated temperature which needs little to no adjustment
    • Optimum humidity
    • Greatly reduced noise levels - quiet, tranquil
    • Fresh, filtered air – particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers
  • Low maintenance requirements – no boilers, radiators etc to break down, leak or block
  • Future proof – protect yourself from the rising costs of domestic energy
  • Already meets (and in fact surpasses) the most stringent planning codes
  • Fully flexible to all architectural styles whether you want ultra-modern or traditional style property
  • Build cost per m2 is comparable to standard methods of construction AND saves significantly more in the long run
  • Extremely fast build time – on-site construction typically around 3 weeks - saving time, on-site costs and complications, and less potential for delay