Our Directors

Philip Proffit


Philip has a background as a mechanical engineer, and is experienced in logisitics and supply chain and project consultancy.  Through numerous building projects, Philip has now become one of the leading practitioners of cutting-edge, low carbon building techniques. Philip’s vision is to deploy multi-skilled teams as a central part of his strategy for managing the new skillsets needed for low carbon buildings.

Philip is part of the PassivhausPlus Technical Committee at the Passivhaus Trust and has delivered numerous papers on Passivhaus at various RIBA conferences, the Green Register, EcoBuild, and the Technology Strategy Board. 

Bram De Bruycker

Technical Director

Bram is one of Europe’s leading Passivhaus architect/builders and is an original founder of the Passivhaus movement in Belgium. He has been instrumental in developing a number of products which are now used as standard on Passivhaus build projects in Belgium and developed the facade system over a number of years, improving and evolving it with each iteration. He has vast experience in passivhaus builds including homes, schools, offices and public buildings.