Period property low energy retrofit


With the escalating cost pressure of energy as well as the environmental impact, it is becoming increasingly smart to fit energy efficient solutions to existing buildings.Whether aiming for Passivhaus standard or simply low-energy, we have proven high level experience and the detailed technical knowledge to understand the challenges that retrofitting presents and develop solutions to meet each projects requirements, limitations, options and budget.

Our namesake project, Princedale Road, has set the bar on what can be achieved with a retrofit. The finished build has an airtightness value 0.18 (the Passivhaus standard is 0.6) and the energy running costs of the house are now a staggeringly low 8% of what they were before the refit.

As with any retrofit project, challenges and unforeseen issues will invariable arise during the course of the refit. Because of our engineering-led approach we understand the physics and mechanics of heat loss and have the expertise to solve problems on the job, developing new solutions where necessary. We always build contingency into our costings so that we will always come in on, or under but never over, budget.